Hi! My name is Alex and I’m the creator of Ghost Knowledge Base. Thanks for visiting my site! Let me tell you more about it.

What is GhostKB?

GhostKB is my personal Knowledge Base that I compiled while studying for the CompTIA A+ 220-901 and 220-902 exams.

I had accumulated thousands of lines of notes in text files and it became too difficult to reliably find the information when I needed it. So I transferred all my notes to this website to make an easily searchable study resource for myself and others.

Who Writes the Articles?

The majority of the articles in the Knowledge Base are selections from Wikipedia entries. The reason I used Wikipedia as my primary source was simply because I needed only cursory knowledge of the topics to study for my exams.

As long as I knew what an acronym meant, I could usually figure out what it was used for, hence the compilation of my great Acronym Glossary.

The Troubleshooting articles in the Knowledge Base are written mostly by myself with a few helpful scripts sourced from other System Administrators. I write these as I come across the issues or if I happen to remember a solution from a while ago.

Why the name GhostKB?

Once I decided to host my Knowledge Base online for others to use, I needed a website name. As a web developer and marketer, I understand that the simpler the brand name, the easier it is for people to find.

I was thinking of monosyllabic words while I happened to be listening to a song named Ghost. I thought Ghost was a good name because it’s not a homophone so no one can confuse it with another word.

The suffix KB stands for Knowledge Base, so the full name is simply Ghost Knowledge Base.

What is the goal for the website?

My goal is to make this website a valuable resource for myself and other IT professionals. GhostKB hosts a large database of IT information, troubleshooting guides, community forums, certification practice tests, news articles, and specialised job boards.

What Certifications do I hold?

I have a page dedicated to listing my IT certifications. You can find the link in the sidebar menu under About.