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Drone on Drone Warfare, With Jammers

After the alleged drone attacks on London Gatwick airport in 2018 we’ve been on the look out for effective countermeasures against these rogue drone operators. An interesting solution has been created by [Ogün Levent] in Turkey and is briefly documented on in his Dronesense page on Crowdsupply. There’s a few...

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What Is Password Spraying and How Can It Be Used Against You?

When you think of password hacking, you probably imagine a hacker trying several hundred passwords on a single account. While this still happens, it’s not always what happens; sometimes a hacker will perform password spraying instead. Let’s break down what password spraying is and what you can do to defend...

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Confusion about a recently disclosed vulnerability in VLC Media Player

Reports started to emerge on the Internet about a critical security vulnerability in the popular multimedia player VLC Media Player. Gizmodo's Sam Rutherford suggested that users uninstall VLC immediately and the tenor […] Ghacks needs you. You can find out how to support us here ( or support the site...

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Linux kernel 5.3-rc1 released

Linus Torvalds has announced the release of Linux 5.3-rc1. He wrote in the mailing list, “This is a pretty big release, judging by the commit count. Not the biggest ever (that honor still goes to 4.9-rc1, which was exceptionally big), and we've had a couple of comparable ones (4.12, 4.15...

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Windows Admin Center Preview 1907

Hello Windows Insiders! Thanks for staying up-to-date on the Windows Admin Center journey! This release contains fixes and improvements to the Windows Admin Center platform, with some iterative updates to some of your favorite tools and experiences. Azure cost estimates – Azure hybrid integrations within Windows Admin Center now include...

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