eMMC (Embedded MultiMediaCard)

The eMMC (embedded MMC) architecture puts the MMC components (flash memory plus controller) into a small ball grid array (BGA) IC package for use in circuit boards as an embedded non-volatile memory system. eMMC exists in 100, 153, 169 ball packages and is based on an 8-bit parallel interface. This is noticeably different from other versions of MMC as this is not a user-removable card, but rather a permanent attachment to the circuit board. In the event of an issue stemming from either the memory or its controller, the PCB (printed circuit board) would need to be replaced or repaired.

Almost all mobile phones and tablets used this form of flash for main storage up to 2016, when UFS started to take control of the market. The latest version of the eMMC standard (JESD84-B51) by JEDEC is version 5.1 released February 2015, with speeds rivaling discrete SATA-based SSDs (400 MB/s).

eMMC does not support the SPI-bus protocol.

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