Failed transfer of 4GB+ file to USB drive

If you’re trying to copy or move a file to a USB drive or SD memory card that happens to be over 4GB in size, you may get an error saying there is not enough free space.

If you see an error, it is because your flash drive is formatted with the FAT file system which is limited to files of 4GB or less.

You must reformat your flash drive using exFAT which was designed for higher capacity flash memory. Or you can also reformat to NTFS, but if you choose NTFS, it will be incompatible with Apple MAC computers.

  1. Move everything of value from your flash drive to your computer.
  2. *Optional: Delete everything you don’t need off your flash drive.
  3. Right click on the flash drive in the Windows Explorer and choose Format.
  4. In the File System menu, select exFAT.
  5. Check the Quick Format checkbox.
  6. Format the drive.
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