Should you get the CompTIA ITF+ Certification?

When I was researching IT and Cyber Security certifications, CompTIA was the most popular for general education and getting a start in a new career.

As a matter of fact, their core certifications including A+, Network+, and Security+ are among the list of required credentials to apply for positions in the DoD (Department of Defense).

However, the CompTIA ITF+ (IT Fundamentals) is not a required certification. So, is it worth getting?

CompTIA Trifecta

I heard many people refer to the CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+ as the Trifecta of certifications. These are the most popular certifications and make up 3/4 of the CompTIA Core. The 4th cert is the ITF+.

CompTIA Core

The CompTIA Core certs include ITF+, A+, Network+, and Security+, listed in order of least challenging to most challenging. Although ITF+ is the first cert in the Core of 4, it is not necessary to earn to be eligible for various IT careers.

When did I get ITF+?

I earned the ITF+ certification after I had already earned my A+ and Network+ as I was studying for Security+. Taking the ITF+ after getting 2 advanced certs made the exam much easier since the A+ and Network+ build on the knowledge you should have for ITF+.

I only needed 30 minutes to pass the exam out of the allotted 60 minutes and I passed with a large margin.

Why did I get ITF+?

I thought about getting it and asked myself, why not?

Certifications are proof of knowledge which hiring managers in the HR departments use to judge candidates for a job. Unless the hiring manager is familiar with the various industry accepted certifications, he or she probably wouldn’t know how much weight the various certs carry.

I would rather have more certifications than fewer on my resume, even if some aren’t as weighty as others.


If you have knowledge, experience, and expertise, you should validate it with certifications. They can only help you.

If you are working at a company or government agency, there is a chance they would even reimburse you for the exam fees. So there isn’t much to lose; only credibility to gain.